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The Best AR Triggers

Once, if you did not like the stock trigger on your AR, there was little you could do except ask a gunsmith to tweak it for you. Now, there are a number of aftermarket triggers on the market that can suit any purpose or shooting style. To find the best AR trigger for your own needs, browse our comprehensive supply. Shop with us and you’ll be able to find a single-stage or 2-stage trigger, adjustable or non-adjustable, tactical, curved or straight bow, light or heavy pull, 3-gun, combat, and much more. If you have a preference, we can provide!

Many marksmen rate the Geissele drop-in trigger as one of the best varieties for use in competitions requiring peak accuracy. For a 3-gun tactical competition, shooters may prefer a single-stage with a pull weight of around three pounds. However, those who prefer a heavier pull might consider something like the ALG Defense Trigger, featuring a hefty 6.5-pound pull. Confused about finding the best AR trigger to meet your own competition or hunting needs? Just contact one of our experts today – we are happy to help!