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AR-15 Barrels

Do you need to replace your AR-15 barrel or make an upgrade? Swapping out your existing barrel for a better one for your needs – hunting, competitive shooting, or target practice – can make a huge difference in your rifle’s aim, performance, and lifespan. Our line of AR-15 barrels was hand-selected to include a wide variety of high-quality options that provide ample range in size, gauge, and material type.

Look to one of our popular AR-15 carbine barrels for a fool-proof option, or choose trusted brands like Wilson Barrels. From 18-in AR barrels to more elusive sizes, we’ve created a line of AR-15 barrels that won’t let you down. We always keep our prices extremely competitive; our goal is to make sure you’ll never need to shop anywhere else for your AR parts. Did we miss something you need? Contact one of our experts today and we’ll help you find the right custom option!