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AR Buttstock Kits

AR-308 & AR-15 Stocks

AR Hunting Rifles offers a quality selection of buttstocks that work perfectly with any AR rifle. We carry AR-15 stocks of all kinds, including AR fixed buttstocks, collapsible buttstocks and camouflage buttstocks. We also carry AR buttstock kits for independent assembly. Browse through our collection, and find the right buttstock for your needs. Each of our rifle buttstocks comes at great prices that you can't find anywhere else!

Our gun stocks are designed to stablize, and they do it well. We carry products from leading manufacturers; you'll find the best combination of price and quality service at AR Hunting Rifles. Our assortment of AR stocks is provided only after inspection for quality parts, long-lasting reliability and effectiveness. Browse through our inventory below, and find your shooter aid of choice.