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AR-15 Rifle Handguards

Traditionally, rifle handguards have only needed to serve two purposes: protect the firer's hand from excessive heat and give them better grasp on the rifle. The versatility of the AR, however, has brought an opportunity to have more precisely-tailored handguards that can truly improve your rifle’s precision and overall performance. We’re proud to offer a carefully-selected line of rifle handguards that will do just that!

If accuracy is especially important, many people use a free float tube to reduces the amount of pressure placed on the barrel and makes it less prone to accidental movement on firing. For the AR-15, you can accomplish the same thing by changing the standard AR-15 handguards to AR free-float handguards. If you’re interested in adding accessories like optics for distance shooting or lights for night hunting, a four-rail system would be a great choice.

In addition to a free-float handguard, you can find a number of other options for the AR-15 and AR-308. Extended-length, battle rail and camouflage styles – just to name a few – are also available. When you’re building your perfect rifle, don’t neglect the importance of finding the right handguard for your needs. Order today and take your hunting to the next level!