Product FAQs

How accurate are these uppers and rifle kits?

- All uppers and rifle kits from Columbia Armory are capable of shooting 1" groups (1 MOA) at 100 yards. Quality match grade ammo, proper shooting support, and lightweight trigger groups are required for our sub-moa guarantee.

My new AR-308 upper has a super tight bolt. Is something wrong?

- AR-308 uppers have a very stiff extractor spring making initial cycling much different than the AR-15 you may be used to. Also, to make our uppers as accurate as possible, the chambers are very tight. You can try dry cycling the upper and cycling with dummy rounds. Typically after 50 or so cycles, the bolt and chamber have "loosened" up enough to eliminate FTF and FTE problems. This is part of normal process that differs from major production rifles designed just to go "bang"! If there is a problem more than this, please give us a call at 1-888-368-4077.
Is there a reason you don't provide railed handguards for my many tactical attachments?

- Our uppers and rifle kits are designed to be part of a great hunting rifle. The modern sporting rifle is a fantastic firearm for hunting when lightweight, accurate, and functional. Adding on tactical accessories only add unnecessary weight and can snag on brush.

How come there aren't muzzle brakes on your uppers?

- Muzzle brakes are designed to eliminate recoil at the expense of your and everyone else's ears. A major benefit of the modern sporting rifle is the significant recoil reduction. Muzzle brakes are typically not necessary for MSR calibers and add weight to the front of the barrel.