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Camouflage AR Handguards, Buttstocks & Grip Kits

There are a number of reasons why people choose to customize their AR rifle. Chief among them is the desire to tailor the rifle’s performance to more specific needs, and given the unprecented level of customization opportunities that exist for the AR, this is more possible than ever. However, many people simply enjoy having a rifle that looks and feels exactly the way they want it to. This includes aesthetic customizations like camouflage AR handguards and other camouflage AR accessories.

The classic camouflage pattern doesn’t just serve the practical purpose of helping a hunter blend in with their environment; it has also come to symbolize a pride in outdoor sports or combat. So whether you’re choosing your camouflage rifle accessories to help you with your goals or whether it’s simply a way to express your personality, we’ve got you covered. Our full line includes camouflage AR handguards, grip kits, buttstocks and more. So the next time you’re interested in custom AR handguards, look to our experts to help you find the most powerful option at the best possible price!