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Custom Upper Receivers

Despite the variety of stock uppers for the AR, there are times when only a custom AR upper will provide the exact solution you’re looking for. Shop with us and find the perfect custom upper receiver for your hunting needs, as well as a variety of other custom AR parts.

Custom AR-15 uppers are available for deer hunters as well as for people who hunt smaller animals. We also provide add-ons like extended handguards and muzzle devices to round out your experience. You can also find custom AR uppers for the AR-243, AR-260 and AR-308. For example, for long-range hunting, the 20-inch lightweight hunter for the AR-308 offers reliability and accuracy, while the 16-inch brush hunter sub-moa upper is ideal for use in areas that are heavily wooded. If you have any questions about which custom upper receiver is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of our experts!